The Federal Ministry of Justice has submitted a draft for a whistleblower protection law that extends the protection of so-called whistleblowers – in particular to employees. Employees who provide information should be protected from dismissal, warnings or similar sanctions. To do this, employees must follow a specific procedure. Opportunities are provided for employers to deal with false reports.

The most important measure provided for by the law for companies with more than 50 employees is the introduction of a central reporting system. This internal reporting point must be introduced by the end of 2023 and have certain functionalities. A concept should be developed for this that provides for clear responsibilities, documentation, etc. and offers the technical possibilities. Employees must be able to contact the registration office at any time; the reporting option can also be opened up to third parties.

This reporting system can – sensibly – also be transferred to external third parties. This makes sense because the employer must ensure that the people who work at the internal reporting office are independent and free from conflicts of interest.

We are at your disposal for such an activity and/or advice on implementation!