Company law

We advise companies in all phases, from their founding through to the financing round to the exit, including restructuring and transactions.

Formation and startups

We advise companies on choosing their most appropriate legal form. In addition to partnerships and corporations, we also advise foundations. Furthermore, we support the fine-tuning of shareholder rights and obligations in articles of association and shareholder agreements, from the Put option to the Shoot-Out. We accompany startups over the long term, not only at their foundation, but also and most importantly during the financing rounds. Added to this is the advice we provide on setting up employee programs.


When merging or dissolving companies or parts of companies, we advise within the context of the variants offered by the conversion act, in particular mergers, divisions, and changes of form. In doing so, we present to our clients the options for possible action during the process from demarcation to transformations outside of the conversion act, and to other forms of transaction.


When it comes to corporate acquisitions and sales, it is precisely in the real estate sector that the right form of transaction, be it a share or an asset deal, is important. We accompany the process from the due diligence aspects, through the contract negotiations until the conclusion of the contract.


We advise investors on their investments in companies, especially in the startup sector. Here, we examine the target companies for our clients and accompany the contract negotiations.

Business succession

We advise our clients fully in the field of corporate succession. Here, we motivate our clients to plan the future of their companies early and proactively, and to establish the desired structures to ensure the future stability of the company.

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