Family and inheritance rights

We advise and represent the interests of our clients in all areas of family and inheritance law. Through many years, including international, of experience, we support our clients competently, expertly and individually in separations and divorces and in inheritance issues, be it in dispute or in the design of wills or inheritance contracts.

International family law

International family law plays an increasingly important role in law practice. When bi-national marriages fail, it is often unclear as to what jurisdiction applies in the divorce and subsequent matters e.g. property rights. Issues of jurisdiction sometimes entail very different economic consequences for the parties involved as do care and access rights. Due to our many years of international experience, we are able to advise and represent our clients safely and professionally.


Many problems associated with divorce can be resolved without litigation. For example, this is the economically more sensible and often more cost-effective way of dealing with entrepreneurs. We focus on not only on accompanying our clients during this difficult time, but on finding economically and personally meaningful solutions that go beyond the purely legal issues.

Estate regulations

Heirs and inheritances are more than purely legal matters. It is important to find meaningful arrangements of succession and to take into account the personal aspects within the family and the involved parties, be it through the drafting of wills and inheritance contracts or by legal arrangements during a client’s lifetime.

The law of parent and child

In situations of separation, those topics “around the child” are especially sensitive and are often subject to conflict. In this sensitive situation, we look after our clients with a sense of proportion in all questions of the right of maintenance, the right of descent and the right to a name.

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