Notariat Schwenke Schütz


Our notaries are available to serve our clients in a range of legal matters, in particular those pertaining to real estate and corporate law, and family and inheritance law.

Real estate

Our notaries draw land and housing purchase agreements, and have long been accompanying large property developers of well-known construction companies. The experience and continuous training of our notaries guarantee the effective and precise development of any project.


Our notaries supervise foundations and the conversion of associations, partnerships and corporations. In addition, we accompany and advise large companies competently on asset and share deals.

Family and inheritance matters

The notary also looks after our clients’ personal situations with sensitivity and an eye for the individual situation. They certify marriage contracts, divorce agreements, custody, pension arrangements, death and other notarial deeds.

Property auctions

Here you can find more information about property auctions, which our notaries have been supporting for many years.

More information about property auctions (in German)

Notaries at Schwenke Schütz

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