Constant change is the only constant in the media world. This change is also subject to the law. Our aim is not to react to legal changes if they have already occurred, but to recognize them and to consider them in advance. This allows our clients to concentrate on the essentials: their vision.

Data privacy

Almost no other legal regulation has such diverse implications for the whole digital economy as data privacy law. We consult our clients comprehensively in all data privacy matters, especially in the area of advertising technology (Ad Tech).

Intellectual property

A good idea is only as valuable as its protection. We therefore advise and support our clients from the outset in filing brands, designs, EU designs, patents and utility model rights, and enforce these rights in the event of a dispute if competitors use unfair methods.


We support cultural and media professionals in all legal aspects of their creative work, especially in contract design and in the planning and execution of events. We pursue copyright infringements consistently and, if necessary, rely on an established network of selected technical service providers and IT specialists.


We support and advise IT and media companies, software developers and startups in all areas in which technology meets the law, in particular in data protection, licensing, software distribution and e-commerce/e-payment law.


Media companies face a vast variety of complex legal challenges due to cross-border digitization. Our many years of experience in close association with well-known media companies allows us to design classic media concepts for the future.

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Together with our clients we define goals and work on sustainable solutions.

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