International boutique law firm

Schwenke Schütz is an internationally renowned law firm with offices in Berlin and Munich. We offer our clients the broadest possible and highest quality advice in all fields of business law. Our comprehensive range of services aims to establish long lasting relationships with our clients.



Get to know our competent lawyers and notaries, which are always there to help.


Together with our clients we define goals and work on sustainable solutions.


Member of CICEROTM

CICEROTM is an established network of international independent law firms which provides links to high quality niche law firms principally in the corporate/commercial/property sectors. Unlike many international networks Cicero admits into membership only one firm in any one country (except for the United States due to the complexity of the legal system and potential of the economy where three members may be admitted) allowing close professional relationships to be created for the benefit of members and clients. Each member firm maintains autonomy over the services it provides to clients recommended to it by other member firms.

Your rights are our focus

When in need of expert legal council, you can rely on our extensive experience.



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